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Natural Stone Jewelry

Natural Stone Jewelry

Our natural stone jewelry designs celebrate the natural beauty of polished stones. Each necklace, bracelet and earring or lanyard is constructed from natural stone. Every state and country contains semiprecious stone, jasper and fossils that we seek out to have polished and carved into a unique, one of a kind piece. Polished stone does not contribute to political instability and strife as diamonds and gold do, instead benefiting local hobbyists and lapidaries. Visit often to see what new treasures have been unearthed.

We have made every effort to verify the authenticity of our stones as well as, that the metals used are nontoxic, (lead and nickel free). Polished stone is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, color fast and made to last long enough to pass on for generations. Each piece is made with 49 strand steel cable, wire guards, and covered crimps.
The inclusions of minerals give natural stone its eye catching patterns. However they can also create imperfections and pits. Rarely is a stone completely without these beauty marks. All stones are natural unless otherwise stated. All stone enhancements will be mentioned in the description. The wide, flat cut that makes these stones so beautiful can also make them susceptible to fracture if dropped on hard tile or slate floors. It is recommended to put them on over a carpeted area.

We provide a safe shopping experience with secure checkout and prices that make it fun and easy to drape yourself in eye catching, conversation starting, natural stone!!

Please note that if you have seen me at a show and desire an item that is not shown here in the store please use the contact form to describe the item and I will contact you. For purchases in the Lansing, Michigan area the postage will be decreased as well.

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